Worm Gearbox

Worm gearbox is referred to by several names, like worm gear reducer, worm reduction gearbox, worm drive gearbox. Its internal transmission structure is worm gear system consist of worm and worm wheel, the worm drives the worm wheel. The whole structure of worm gearbox is mainly composed of worm and worm wheel, shaft, bearing, housing and other accessories. Its function is to reduce the speed, increase the output torque, and change the direction of the output torque.

WP series and RV series are two common types of worm gearbox, as well as our main products since our establishment. They are precision engineered and manufactured, also rigorously tested before leaving our factory. Choose Shengjie Reducer, to get reliable and durable worm gearbox for your application and business.

worm gearbox