At Shengjie, we guarantee the highest level of quality control to ensure reliable reducers for our customers. Our company is ISO9001 standard certified, from incoming material inspection, in-process inspection, product inspection, to outgoing inspection, every stage of the process  is controlled by professional quality inspectors. Each product leaving our factory goes through a series of rigorous inspection and testing procedures to ensure finest quality.

Taking quality as the foundation, Shengjie will make persistent efforts to provide all of our customers with first-class product. Contact us now to improve the reliability of your production and support for your sales.

C&U bearings
NAK oil seals


Raw materials, castings and heat treated components from the suppliers will be receipt inspection to control the incoming material quality. Components like bearing, oil seals are supplied by famous brands such as C&U, SKF, NAK.


We set up the first article inspection before mass production. Gears and worms will be inspected with measuring instruments and gear inspection center, through workers self-inspection and QC re-inspection. The processed housing will be detected by three-coordinate measuring machine. Designated QC and workshop manager will conduct routine inspections. All parts will be moved into storage only after passing inspections.

measuring instrument
gear testing
casing testing
air tightness test
running test
appearance checking


All reducers after assembly will be subject to performance testing like air tightness test, running test to inspect vibration, noise level, temperature and so on. After spray painting, final QC will inspect the appearance and nameplate of each reducer before packing and storage.


Before products loading, final QC and warehouse keeper will inspect the packaging status, markings and quantity of each order, ensuring the goods arrive at customers intact and safely. Customers inspection or third-party entrusted agencies inspection are welcomed.

marks and packaging
inspecting the goods