How to strengthen the quality management of speed reducer

How to strengthen the quality management of speed reducer?

The speed reducer is an independent component composed of a gear drive, a worm drive, or a gear-worm drive enclosed in a rigid housing, and is often used as a reduction drive between the prime mover and the working machine. The speed reducer is widely used in modern machinery, and plays the role of matching the speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine. Therefore, it is vital to strengthen the quality management of the speed reducer, ensuring the normal operation of the machinery.

  1. Purchasing from reliable suppliers and qualified installation

When the speed reducer device is introduced, the quality of the speed reducer must be guaranteed. When purchasing a reducer, it is necessary to confirm whether the production and processing enterprise has the production qualification and capability of the reducer, and conduct a comprehensive and effective inspection of the quality and performance of the speed reducer through scientific and reasonable testing methods. Shengjie Reducer has more than ten years of production experience, and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Each reducer has undergone strict inspection before leaving our factory. The model of the parts of the speed reducer should be consistent with the whole of the reducer. When installing and debugging the reducer, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for use of the reducer. The speed reducer installation and debugging personnel must clearly understand and master the precautions of the speed reducer to avoid damage to the speed reducer caused by external factors. The spare parts of the speed reducer are best purchased from the original factory to improve the matching degree between the various structures of the reducer.

  1. Scientific selection of reducer lubricating oil

Lubricating oil is an indispensable auxiliary material during the operation of the reducer. Every component and structure of the speed reducer needs the lubrication of lubricating oil to maximize its performance. When selecting lubricating oil, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual needs of the reducer, and select the corresponding lubricating oil type according to the speed reducer manual. During the operation of the reducer, due to the influence of the external environment, it is necessary to add a certain amount of additives to the lubricating oil under certain circumstances to improve the performance of the lubricating oil. For example, when the outside air temperature is low, in order to prevent the lubricating oil from freezing, it is necessary to add some additives to prevent condensation. The amount of additives used should be determined according to the actual situation, not as much as possible. The ratio of additives to lubricating oil can be obtained through experiments. Shengjie Reducer only adopts domestic and foreign well-known brands of lubricating oil to ensure the performance of the reducer.

  1. Establish the maintenance specification of the reducer

During the use of the reducer, daily maintenance work is very necessary. In daily maintenance, it is necessary to fully and accurately understand and master the frequency and time of use of the reducer. According to the use of the reducer, the maintenance content and time interval should be reasonably arranged. The maintenance work of the speed reducer is highly professional, and the enterprise should arrange a special person to carry out the maintenance work. In the daily inspection, the maintenance personnel should mainly pay attention to the lubricating oil of the reducer, such as whether there is a lack of oil, whether there is oil leakage, etc., and also conduct a detailed inspection of important parts such as the rotating shaft, bearing, and box of the reducer. Once cracks are found , trachoma, etc., should be reported and repaired in time. Enterprises should also establish close contact with reducer manufacturers. When the speed reducer is in use and maintenance, if a major fault is found, please contact the manufacturer in time for fault maintenance guidance, thereby improving the efficiency of reducer fault repair. Shengjie Reducer’s customer support team are ready to provide you with fast, professional technical guidance.

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