How to maintain cycloidal pinwheel reducer

How to maintain cycloidal pinwheel reducer?

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer should be replaced with new oil after the first refueling and continuous operation for 100 hours. Before changing the oil, the internal residual oil should be washed clean, to ensure the quality of the new oil. The second time of oil change can be done after half a year of use, provided that the reducer runs for 8 hours a day. If the working time exceeds 8 hours a day, or the operating environment of the reducer is relatively poor, it is necessary to flexibly control the time of oil change, every three months to five months. When the reducer is in use, the lubricating oil should be supplemented frequently to ensure the continuous operation of the machine.

It is necessary to regularly test and check the concentricity of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer coupling to ensure that it meets the standard and avoid any damage to the reducer equipment due to non-torque force.

Regularly check the fixing bolts, and tighten the loose bolts in time to prevent them from falling off during operation. If the reducer often has a swing problem during operation, or the movement is unbalanced, it is necessary to check whether the anchor bolts are loose and take reinforcement measures in time.

It is also necessary to carefully check the oil level on time, and do the oil change in time. When changing the oil, keep the inside of the equipment clean, clean up the original oil, and check whether there are any worn iron filings. The gearbox cleaning machine uses the original oil supply and discharge system of the gearbox and the filtered old oil to realize the functions of cleaning the gearbox, quickly filtering the waste oil, and adding new oil. The operation process does not change the hardware facilities, does not adding cleaning agent ensures the safe operation of the gearbox and prolongs its service life. If it is not cleaned, it will easily affect the service life of the working surface and bearing. When injecting special grease, attention should be paid to ensure sufficient injection volume and quality, so the working environment should be kept clean and tidy, and dust should not enter the lubricating oil. Check whether the shaft diameter sealing ring of the reducer is aging or worn, and replace the new sealing ring in time to ensure the quality of the seal.

When the cycloid reducer is in normal operation, if the temperature rises too fast, or even exceeds 60°C, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the internal components of the reducer in time. If the temperature is normal but there is abnormal noise, the reducer should be opened to carefully check whether the bearings, pins, pin sleeves and cycloid discs have obvious wear or damage, and replace or repair them in time.

When replacing the eccentric bearing, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer usually uses two crowbars to exert force. Place the crowbar in the middle of the eccentric bearing, and use a balanced force method at the corresponding points on both sides to easily remove it. Be sure to avoid unilateral force and knocking, which will cause the shaft to be eccentric or the cycloid disc to be damaged.

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