Attention points of RV gearbox model selection, installation and operation

Attention points of RV gearbox model selection, installation and operation

The RV worm gearbox has a wide range of applications, many mechanical equipment needs its cooperation to ensure the perfect operation of the machinery. Therefore, the RV gearbox is an important existence in industrial production. When we select right models, install and operate RV gearbox correctly, the supporting machinery and equipment can reach a stable operating state and achieve the ideal transmission effect.

1.model selection

Firstly please confirm how to connect RV worm gearbox and the equipment, the input method of RV gearbox is a motor or a shaft. And confirm the output form, there are hole shaft output, solid shaft output (single or double output) and torque arm output.

Next need to confirm the input power, speed ratio and torque of the reducer, to select the model according to the parameter table. Please contact our sales team for an e-catalog with detailed parameter tables. The model varies based on different input power. Then confirm the speed ratio of the gearbox according to needs. For example, if input speed is 1400 rpm, the output speed needed is 28 rpm, 1400/28=50, that means speed ratio of gearbox needed is 50:1. Each model of the gearbox has its own load-bearing and torque limit. Once the limit is exceeded, the overload operation or the operation of the working machine cannot be driven at all, and the gearbox itself will be accelerated and damaged.

Lastly, confirm the installation dimensions of the gearbox. Each model of the gearbox has the corresponding installation dimensions according to the industry standard. Before purchasing the gearbox, you need to check whether the dimension of gearbox meets the installation size of your own needs.

2.attention points of installation

The gearbox must be installed on a flat and solid base, and the foot bolts must be fastened and shockproof. The prime mover-gearbox-work machine’s connecting shaft extensions must be accurately aligned with each other after installation. The dimensional tolerance of the shaft extension of the input end and output end of the gearbox is made according to h6, and the matching inner holes of couplings, pulleys, sprockets and other transmission parts should be configured according to the appropriate tolerance size to avoid damage to the bearing due to over-tight assembly, the assembly is too loose to affect the normal power transmission.

When the transmission parts such as sprockets and gears are installed on the shaft extension, they should be as close to the bearing as possible to reduce the bending stress of the shaft extension. When the gearbox is assembled with the motor, grease should be smeared on the inner hole wall and keyway of the worm head to avoid over-tight assembly and prevent the shaft hole from rusting over time. When using various types of motor direct-connected gearbox, if the weight of the motor is too large, a support device should be provided.

3.attention points of operation

Before use, please pay attention to check whether the type structure, center distance specification, transmission ratio, input shaft connection method, output shaft structure, input shaft and output shaft direction and rotation direction of the gearbox meet the requirements of use.

The input speed of the worm should not exceed 1500r/min.When starting up, the load should be gradually applied, and it should not be started with full load.

The size 25~90 gearbox only has oil filling holes. The ISO VG320 synthetic lubricating oil has been added to the gearbox before leaving the factory. After the machine runs continuously for about 500 hours, the lubricating oil should be replaced. The next oil change interval is 6000 hours. The size  110~150 gearbox is equipped with oil filling hole, oil drain hole and oil mark. ISOVG460 mineral lubricating oil has been added. Please pull off the rubber ring on the breather before use. And change the oil after the first 400 hours of operation, and then change the oil every 4000 hours.

The maximum allowable oil temperature of the gearbox is 95°C, and it should be stopped for inspection when it exceeds. If the gearbox has been placed for more than 4-6 months before use, and the oil seal has not been immersed in lubricating oil, it is recommended to replace the oil seal. If the ambient temperature of the gearbox exceeds or is lower than the ambient temperature specified in the table by more than 5°C, please contact our customer support team.



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