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Hangzhou Shengjie Reducer Co., Ltd. is a professional speed reducer manufacturer and exporter in China, specialized in the production and sales of industrial gearboxes, including NMRV worm gearbox, WP worm gearbox, helical gear reducer, cycloidal speed reducer, cylindrical gearbox, motor. We always provide reliable products, competitive pricing, speedy delivery and the highest level of customer service, welcome all customers over the world to contact and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.

  • Over 10 years manufacturing and export experience
  • Own advanced processing equipment and testing equipment
  • Strong service support from experienced technical and sales team
  • Certified by ISO9001 quality management system
  • Bonus system for our regular customers

Helical Gear Reducers

helical gear reducer

Helical gear reducer is a novel reduction transmission device. Adopting the design concept of optimizing the modular combination system.

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Cycloidal Speed Reducers

cycloidal speed reducer

Cycloidal speed reducer is a new type of reducer that applies the principle of planetary transmission and uses cycloid pin wheel and pin tooth meshing.

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Cylindrical Gearbox

cylindrical gearbox

ZQ/JZQ series is one type of bevel cylindrical gearbox. Its internal structure is two-stage cylindrical gear transmission.

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Shengjie mainly provides motors that are matched with the reducer industry, including AC motors and DC motors.

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Factory Area

Our factory is founded in 2011, covers an area of 8000+ square meters

Production Capacity

Annual production capacity 120,000 sets of speed reducers


Excellent quality and competitive price to bring our customers great benefits

Service Support

Professional team help customers solve all related product problems and after-sales issues

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Speed reducers are in high demand on many industrial machinery.
Hangzhou Shengjie Reducer Co., Ltd. began to invest in R&D, production and sales of speed reducers in 2011. Cusumers always claim the high efficiency, stability and durability of speed reducers, so as to provide the greatest convenience for their industrial activities.

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